In this last lesson, I’ll be discussing links. I’ll only go into actual links, as opposed to anchor links, which are links in a document that link to other parts of the same document.


You’ve already seen examples of links in previous source files when I’ve pointed to their download links. Here’s how they’re made.

Link text is enclosed in left and right square brackets. Link text is the text the link displays. It might be the word “here” or “the WriteMonkey Website”, for example.

The url, is, of course, the address of the document, i.e., and is enclosed in left and right parentheses.

The following will create a link to this article’s source and display the words download the Source File”
Download the Source File

Please don’t forget to do that in order to compare the Markdown text to the generated output.

The link text always precedes the url, which to some extent is a bit confusing, given it’s the reverse in HTML. It’s hardly a deal breaker, though.