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Unless your selling cave art
Cave Drawing of a Horse
you know your business needs technology to succeed. Indeed, even if you are selling cave art, you’ll need a website, an email list, & you’ll need to know how to use social media to engage your audience. No business is immune. Even if you’re primarily a brick-&-mortar business, you’ll still need these things in order for customers to find you and to get an edge on the competition.

The problem is, if you’re not particularly technically inclined, it all feels really overwhelming & hard! Your options are pretty much either to hire someone to do it for you or to search all over the internet to find answers to your questions. Here at Bright Stars Web, we’re offering a third alternative: we’ll be posting technology-related articles to help your business soar!
Flying Eagle

Articles will cover:

  • Help w/getting your business website up & running;
  • Help securing your business;
  • Help w/email lists & deliverability;
  • Help w/troubleshooting when things go horribly wrong; &
  • More as requested/required.

Small websites can be targeted by hackers just as the big ones can, and it makes little difference whether or not these websites store credit card information. Your site can be infected with malware that can infect your visitors, ransoming their files, sending spam or infected emails to their contacts, making them unknowing members of a botnet to bring down websites, and more. Your site can get blacklisted as spammy if you don’t follow the laws of your jurisdiction, or if your site is compromised. You want your emails to be delivered, but in today’s climate, getting emails delivered almost seems like a mixture of alchemy, voodoo, & magic. We’ll help with that.

The truth is that without a strong technological foundation, your business is essentially crippled. We’ll provide you with the tech tools to undergird your business, so you can make it soar.

We also have a form where you can ask questions. Who knows–you might even get an article or two as a reply! And, of course, if you do want to hire someone to help you w/your technology-related problems or to host your website, that can also, of course, be arranged.

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